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HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer)

HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer)

HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer)

Servokon offers precision engineered state-of-art HT servo stabilizer (HT AVR), as the name suggests this AVR operates "ON load", continually and directly on the HT line giving stabilized HT voltage output. The fluctuating HT voltage from Grid supply is initially controlled by the HT AVR with accuracy of +/-1% and then fed to the transformer resulting in constant LT output within +/-1% accuracy. Being a low profile product in the industry many may not be aware of this product. But, this product has existed and has successfully served a huge clientele in the past decades. Now, we at Servokon have taken the initiative to reintroduce the product in the industry and most importantly manufacture it with its trusted original UK Based mechanism and design. One of the biggest advantages being its ability to make the distribution transformer utilized to 100% capacity because the transformer is fed with the rated voltage which is not obtainable when the voltage drops before the transformer; subsequently the current becomes high and hampers the transformer capacity utilization. Another major advantage is that very low input ranges in higher ratings (from 5Kv-upto 5000Kva) can also be stabilized which is not feasible and practical through LT AVR because of the high current and neither through OLTO because of its limited variation range.

HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer) Video

As automatic voltage stabilizers are loaded with plethora of features, they are highly demanded in residential applications for protecting Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Bottle and water coolers, BOD incubators, Air conditioning appliances from voltage fluctuation. We are a quality concerned company that doesn’t compromise with the quality during the manufacturing process and even the final dispatch is done under the supervision of technical experts.