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Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer

Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer

Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer

Rolling contact type servo stabilizer holds its potential for units having either LT supply or low capacity HTS connections facing frequent breakdowns/problems due to high or low voltage fluctuations. Our servo stabilizer helps preventing direct exposure fluctuating voltage and maintaining proper voltage supply as desired.

In some or other way voltage Fluctuation a common phenomenon in every industry and keeping in view the current electrical modifications, "stable electricity distribution long way", Normally input voltage low during day time and high during night hours resulting in frequent electrical breakdown and consequently effects the and overall expenses.

Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer Detail

General Specification

Servokon's Rolling contact type servo stabilizer are available in Outdoor indoor Naturally oil Air Cooled Units with wide input voltage ranges and with Balanced/Unbalanced supplies depending upon per customer's requirement.

The most important factor of any electrical equipment is the quality of raw material used and at Servokon, our main aim is to provide superior quality maintenance free products. To assure the same were using the latest Digital Micro Controlled Circuitry for making operations maintenance free. Imported Low Loss M-4grade CRGO laminations and "Sterite make 99,9% electrolytic copper to minimize the iron-copper losses and maximizing efficiency of our product i.e. more than 98%. Transformer oil also plays a vital role in a servo stabilizer in controlling temperature rise, efficiency and overall enhancing products life. Thus, we always use Branded High Quality "AGrade" transformer oil confirming asperis33S standards.

Payback Period

It has been assesed with long experience & customers’ feedback that the payback period of Servokon's Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer is within 12-24 months depending upon varying input voltage conditions.

Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer Video

As automatic voltage stabilizers are loaded with plethora of features, they are highly demanded in residential applications for protecting Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Bottle and water coolers, BOD incubators, Air conditioning appliances from voltage fluctuation. We are a quality concerned company that doesn’t compromise with the quality during the manufacturing process and even the final dispatch is done under the supervision of technical experts.